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Test of User Assessment Survey

Testing the User survey.  The How to will be sent to the Data Purchase and Access WG by email.  The survey is scheduled to be distributed by Nov. 10.

Census Geography Strategic Review - 2016

StatsCan is undertaking a strategic review to determine whether to make changes to the census geographic units – the census agglomerations and census metropolitan areas – for the 2016 Census. It is not clear what type of changes are being considered.

Lots of New Data on the CSDS Site


Michael has been super busy getting the catalogue up to date and lots of new data have been loaded:

The latest products have been loaded on the english site and are ready for consumption.  There is a block on the web site that has a link so that you can see a list of the most recent ones from the last 2 weeks.  Also, I made a web feed so that people can load it in their browser.  The french ones will be finished soon.

All hail Michael!

Open Data, Open City

Derek Cook, Consortia Lead from Calgary forwarded the following report with the following comments:

Video about Poverty in Halton

This video was created by: Poverty Free Halton, in partnership with Community Development Halton, has developed a video that illustrates the realities of living in low-income in the Halton community. The video was produced by local filmmaker Graham Wood.

Ken Murdock - Tracey re-Survey Data Purchase and Access

Meeting Items

a) Questionnaire has been translated, I have loaded it here - https://csds-sacass.ca/drupal/PurchaseAccessAchatAccess
b) The Survey tool Michael suggests we use - also on that page https://csds-sacass.ca/drupal/PurchaseAccessAchatAccess - look under questionnaire
c) I will need from you:

- Description of what the Survey is - Small Para
- Welcome message
- Message to end the survey (e.g. should you have any questions....)

d) We will need to discuss items for the executive committee
e) scheduling a WG meeting R & D. etc.

Census Update From Peggy Taillon

Dear Friends,

We hope you are all well. We wanted to provide you with an update on  the “Save the Census” Campaign AND we Still Need YOUR Help!!!

SAAD DATA corrections

All CSDS data users please note the following issues with the SAAD data received to date:

I have received word from the Small Area Administrative Data Division that an issue with the Census Division of Halton was identified late into our 2008 certification process. Currently the systems divides this CD into two parts and does not produce totals for the overall CD. For 2008, this issue may have an impact on the suppressions routines for thefollowing neighbouring CDs:.

Hamilton - You can't set good policy without good census data, say local leaders

The Hamilton Social Planning and Research Council, CSDS member, led a Save the Census campaign event yesterday. 

About one third of the 50+ participants were city staff and told me they were really heartened to see so many people cared about the data and planning work they do. There was a lot of motivation at the meeting  to do more to push this issue with the government. HSPRC will be also be meeting with Conservative MP David Sweet next week.

The event was also covered in the Hamilton Spectator:You can't set good policy without good census data, say local leaders.  Tom Cooper of the Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty Reduction could not have said it better:

Capacity WG Meet

The Capacity WG will meet to discuss work on the Catalog.  Sara Mayo from SPC Hamilton, the Lead of this WG will host the call.

Sharing Results WG Meeting

Conference call meeting of the Sharing Results WG.  Ted Hilderbrandt from Community Development Halton, the lead of this WG, will host the call.