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Report on income inequality from the Social Planning Council of Hamilton

Sara Mayo at SPCH has recently published a report on income inequality in Hamilton, Ontario.  Here's a quote from the release:

Even after inflation, the average income of the top 1% richest in the Hamilton Census Metropolitan area has grown by almost 50% since 1982, while the average income of the bottom 90% of taxfilers has grown by only 2% in this same period. For every dollar in new income in the Hamilton community in the last three decades, the top 1% have received 13 cents, while the bottom 90% have only shared 60 cents. Read more...

Product Profile 2.2: Taxfiler data (2010)

T1-derived datasets from the Income Statistics Division of Statistics Canada (known as Annual Estimates for Census Families and Individuals, or simply Taxfiler data) are an increasingly important source of Canada-wide small-area income data.

Have you used CDP data? Let us know how it went!

Have you used CDP data for analysis?  To publish something?  Because you love data?  Let us know.  We're seeking use cases of CDP data for three reasons:

1. It helps us understand which datasets are popular and useful in a way that surveys don't necessarily capture.

Working Poverty: Defining a Measure for the Community Data Program

The CDP team is working hard to draft our custom data orders for the National Household Survey and other surveys. The Urban Poverty Tables are always a key component of our order. In the past, we have requested poverty data by employment status and age.

Today's Income and Housing release

Today Statistics Canada released its Housing and Income data from the 2011 National Household Survey.  Here's a summary of the resources they've made available.

1. Two written summaries in The Daily

What we accomplished at the face-to-face Leads meeting

With the April 19 meeting behind us, it's important to take stock of what we accomplished together.  Before we get into it, we should point out that the gathering in Brampton was productive for three reasons.  First, we got the chance to meet one another in person.  For those who knew each other

Finding standard Census 2011 products

The Statistics Canada website has made standard Census products easy to find and download at any given geographic scale and file format.  Because these products are now free and open, we won't worry about bringing them into the Community Data Catalogue -- at least not for now.  For this reason, t