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2019 Open Government Global Summit Survey

Open Government needs your help!

This year the Government of Canada assumed the role of co-chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). As part of its role, Canada will be hosting the OGP Global Summit in May 2019.

NFHI's Cross Canada Check-up Report

The NFHI (Neighbourhood Financial Health Index) has just released a new report called Cross Canada Check-up - a look at household financial health across Canada.

Take a look at it here!

Sign up for orientation webinar: CDP catalogue and Beyond 20/20

Community Data Program (CDP) will deliver webinar-based orientation on navigating the CDP catalogue, and the software Beyond 20/20. The orientation will review example projects from that our members have been involved with as well.

When: Tuesday, October 23rd

Reddit AMA – Demography and population statistics

On September 27, 2018, Statistics Canada will release its new Annual Demographic Estimates
Join their data experts for a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) to discuss recent population trends in Canada

Canadian Open Data Summit

Part of annual conferences held across Canada to convene and bolster the Open Data movement. 

Emerging topics this year include:

Modernizing Labour Laws

The current federal labour standards were established in the 1960s and have not been changed since. Now that there is significant economic and techonological changes affecting work today, these standards need to be updated!

DPAWG Meeting Notes - July 24

Notes from the last Data Purchase and Access Working Group meeting is now up!

The agenda from this meeting:

New from Stats Can: Food Stats

Statistics Canada continues to make its data more accessible and dynamic with the launch of Food Stats, a comprehensive one-stop shop for statistical information on food.

Divided Cities - Understanding Intra-urban Inequalities

OECD released this report called Divided Cities, Understanding Intra-urban Inequalities, providing an "assessment of spatial inequalities and segregation in cities and metropolitan areas from multiple perspectives.